Prarrie Jewel the girls that give you “juicy prarrie folk fusion” will be returning to Manitoba this June. They are thinking of giving a concert in Winnipeg Beach around the 18th.

The girls  sold out The Park Theater in Winnipeg, and played shows throughout Ontario and the East coast Canada/USA. They’ve opened for country band Doc Walker and played alongside epic folk musicians at OCFF and NERFA. They recently played a sold out show at the Winnipeg Folk Festival Folk Exchange, before they embark to Boston to work with various musicians/producer Ethan Baird on their album.

The girls will be in Manitoba during June, 2009 after returning from an extensive tour of British Columbia.

They are interested in playing at Winnipeg Beach and are currently booking for June.

This information was passed on to us by: Katherine Johnson of the Prarrie Jewel. For more details you can contact her at: 204.792.5691


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