Fish-fly season is upon us

The stupid little things don’t only try to land on the surface of the house wall, they also seem to be extreemly attracted to spider webs. They seem to find cobwebs where you didn’t see any before, wrap themselves in the sticky mess and then attach themselves to the house. Getting the results off can be a real pain.

Fishing in Manitoba

Fishing Species: Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Sturgeon. Smallmouth Bass, Yellow Perch and Crappie also caught.Lake Notes: Max depth of 36 m, average depth of 12 m. 11th largest freshwater lake in the World. 600+ Islands. Because of Lake Winnipeg shallowness, its water is emptied and replenished every 3-4 years. Read more…

Survival Experiences

brad and Sean, the two guys at the Barewilderness, made not there 30 days, they made just 13 days. but they had really bad luck, with the weather and the time the went for there trip. But they didn’t make it for money, what lots a people think, they did Read more…

Survival Site with Chat and Forum

Are you looking for survival sites with Chat and Forum? Where you can talk to other Peaople who are looking for the same? You wanna exchange your Experiences about Survival? and share it with others? Well, we found a site for you. Survival chat forum at Barewilderness Try it out