We just got this infomation, it is of interst for our Wilderness Survival experts

We have the pleasure to inform you that on next February 29 and March 1-2, 2008, in the Argentine Republic (South America – End of the World) will be carried out the “FIRST NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION OF SURVIVAL AND ORIENTEERING”, outdoor sporting event to be held in a wooded land located close to the International Airport of Ezeiza (Buenos Aires – Argentine).

In order to participate, you need to form a team made up of three members each, on which the regulation of the competition requires that all the member must be skilled and experienced on Survival, Orienteering and Land Navigation techniques, among others priorities.

If you would wish to take part in the competition but lack of the aforementioned knowledge on techniques to participate, the organizers of the event will run courses on combined techniques of Survival, Orienteering and Land Navigation. Those courses have been specially designed to train you with the objective of making you able to participate in the competition. The courses will have the support of a full training on Theory (in classroom) and in the Practice (on the ground). The classes (Theory and Practice) will be fully run in English language for foreigners by trained and professional English interpreters.

In the event you like to participate, we have availability of a very cheap accommodation for you or groups in our Center, located also near of the place where the competition will be carried out.

For more information about the competition, please log on to: www.northlatitude.com.ar/competenciaing.htm.

Best regards and wishing your presence to join us on this magnificent sporting event very soon!!. If you need any further explanation about it, don’t hesitate in phoning me.


Gabriel Esquivel

Director of the Education and Training Argentine Center NORTHLATITUDE (C.A.C.E.N.).


Sporting Director of the National and International Competition of Survival and Orienteering.

Address Phone: 0054 -011 4487-5141

Cell Phone: 0054 -011- (15) 5425-9141

Buenos Aires – Argentine

Cartografìa, Orientaciòn y Navegaciòn Terrestre, Supervivencia, Bùsqueda y Rescate (SAR), Paracaidismo, Buceo, Primeros Auxilios, Multiaventura !! Conocenos en www.northlatitude.com.ar

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