Rutting, lusting deer a road hazzard

It’s that time of year again. The bucks have gone in heat and as hormone charged as they are they can be a serious hazzard for drivers. Especially now with visibility often low and road conditions below optimal.
I remember being attacked by a moose on Hwy 59

Plane makes an emergency landing on Hwy 8

The plane had started off at St. Andrews Airport with a pilot and three passengers ( two women and a baby ) aboard, bound for Bloodvein.
No injuries were reported, though a truck driver on the highway got a scare when he had to pull over into the ditch and was still narrowly missed by the plane.

Blackouts and power outages after high winds

For most of us in this area the outages only lasted for a few hours. Some parts of Vancouver on the other hand have been without power for 3 days already – and some won’t be able to turn on their electric stove till late Wednesday according to the BC Hydro Company. 2000 customers were without power there. The traffic lights didn’t work and absolute chaos resulted. I’m glad that didn’t happen here! Could you imagine being without traffic lights for 3 whole days?

Survival Experiences

brad and Sean, the two guys at the Barewilderness, made not there 30 days, they made just 13 days. but they had really bad luck, with the weather and the time the went for there trip. But they didn’t make it for money, what lots a people think, they did Read more…

Survival Site with Chat and Forum

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