Canada Day or as we used to call it Dominion Day (the French call it Fête du Canada) marks the official start of summer for many people. The kids get off school and it’s time to head out to the cottage at the Lake. The water is almost warm enough to swim in too. 🙂

Most people now adays don’t give this holiday much thought. At least in Manitoba it is regarded as Canada’s Birthday, a day of festivity and fireworks. Other provinces, such as the Maritimes may tend to have different feelings, as they are not always happy with the federation and federal politics.

Historicaly it marks the union of the province of Canada with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia on July 1st 1867, and the begin of a long march to total independance – completed in 1982 with the Constitution Act. On this day in 1867 the former Province of Canada was divided into the two current provinces of Quebec and Ontario, thus also marking the begin of a totally different problem. Separationism.

None the less, here in Manitoba it is the start of Cottage Season, but also Mosquito Season.

Folks have fun, enjoy the summer at the beaches!

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Louis · November 12, 2015 at 7:39 am

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