From all I’ve heard we will be voting for a new Reeve and Councillor tomorrow. I didn’t get an official notice from the RM, but I’ve been told by those that know that I can go to the Ateah Realty office tomorrow and cast my vote. There is enough signs around too – I just would have expected to receive some kind of official notification from the guys in St. George.

I guess they expect people to find the information on their website themselves. I did do that and found the list of candidates and the polling locations. I wasn’t really difficult to find, but I would have expected to have the appropriate links right on the page that says Elections 2014. But then I look at websites differently, being a website developer.

Now all we have to decide on is who to vote for. As usual the answer to that isn’t all that easy, as it is kind of difficult to know what these guys are supposed to do, what they can do and what their real agenda is. I guess though I am going to go for people I know have ties to the Beaches Area, as I can expect them to have our interests closer to their hearts and we might finally see a proper return for our tax dollar.

We need people who route money back into the Beaches Area, after all that is the region that creates the most tax income in the RM of Alexander.

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Tom · October 22, 2014 at 8:16 pm

So if there is only one candidate at the beaches who has lived in the area for the last 5 years without any business management in their resume, then your Gonna vote for them anyways? Honestly, Would you let a mechanic do heart surgery on you, or a loved one, just because they think they can pull it off. Come on people, be realistic, and think it through, its not complicated, there are good apples, and then there are bad ones.

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