For weeks now Manitoba Hydro has been threatening to shut off our electrical power on the 10th of October from 8:00am to about 2pm. Businesses have been upset, as it is the last long weekend before the end of the season, but Manitoba Hydro could not be moved – they just kept saying: ‘That’s the way it is!’.

So here in Hillside Beach,this morning at 7:58 everything at my place went silent. As I understand it the same is true for Victoria Beach, Albert Beach, Traverse Bay, Belair, Lester Beach and Grand Beach

I thought there would still be enough water pressure to have a shower, but on opening the tap I heard this sucking sound, as the water retreated down the line. – Damn and I had wanted to make some coffee before everything went dead too!

It’s really surprising how much we have come to depend on having electrical power available all the time. I can’t even flush the toilette as there is no water. I also had start a fire, as of course the base board heaters don’t give off any heat anymore and it is quite nippy outside.


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