Along with laying off 1,400 workers nationwide Tembec will be closing the Pine Falls newsprint mill for two weeks, starting February 10th.

Tembec has been hit hard be the decline in US housing market and the ongoing general restructuring in the printing industrie. The structural decline of the printing market is  exacerbated by the current recession, says Tembec. The recession is also affecting the pulp market seriously.

As a result the company is laying off up to 1,400 workers in plants in BC and Ontario and temporarily closing  serveral plant accross Canada including Manitoba.

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Muhamad · November 12, 2015 at 6:24 am

These idled plants are liekly never restarting. So heating them doesn’t make any sense. Their production capacities are no longer required and the market has changed forever.Sad yes, but thats cold reality.

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