Summer events in Hillside Beach, Fun Day and Garage Sale

I was just contacted by Ms. Giesbrecht of the Hillside Beach Ratepayers Association.

She wanted to let me know that the Annual Fun Day at Charlie Wall Park will be taking place on July 5th this year.

The annual Garage Sale will be at Charlie Wall Park too and will take place on August 2nd. Individuals may rent a table from the Hillside Beach Ratepayers Ass. or bring their own. A fee will be charged.

Canada Day, Fête du Canada, Dominion Day

Historicaly it marks the union of the province of Canada with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia on July 1st 1867, and the begin of a long march to total independance – completed in 1982 with the Constitution Act. On this day in 1867 the former Province of Canada was divided into the two current provinces of Quebec and Ontario, thus also marking the begin of a totally different problem. Separationism.