Bordered by Ontario, Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories, Hudson Bay and the United States, Manitoba is one of the three Prairie provinces and is located in the center of Canada.
Manitoba is known as the land of 100 000 lakes, a legacy of enormous Lake Agassiz, which covered much of the province after the glaciers retreated. The major rivers of western Canada flow into the lowland region of Manitoba, giving Manitoba 90 percent of the hydro-electric potential of the Prairie region. The northern topography is heavily glaciated and covered in forest, dominated by pine, hemlock and birch.
Manitoba is one of the sunniest provinces in Canada. It has a continental climate, with great temperatures extremes. Typical of southern Manitoba, the mean January temperature in Winnipeg is about -20oC; the July average is about 19oC. In Thompson, in the centre of northern Manitoba, the averages for the same months are about -27oC and 15oC.

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