Gas prices in Canada are sky-rocketing! Alternatives?

People may even have to think twice before planning a weekend trip to the cottage. For most families a trip to the Lake from Winnipeg and back with their family car will cost them between 40 and 50 Liters of gasoline. That’s between 60 and 70 bucks right there – and you haven’t picked up groceries, gotten gas for the boat or filled up the propane tank yet.

Victoria Beach Manitoba Rentals

Victoria Beach – Restricted Area
Looking for a hotel, bed & breakfast, cabin or hostel in Victoria Beach?
Victoria Beach with its restricted area is one of the more excluse places to own a cottage, with its own sailing club, marina with dock, baseball field and tennis courts.

Winnipeg Stadt

Winnipeg liegt im Überschwemmungsgebiet am Zusammenfluss des Red River und Assiniboine River in der Nähe des geographischen Zentrums Nordamerikas in Manitoba Kanada. Trotz warmer Sommertemperaturen ist sie im Winter eine der kältesten Städte der Welt