Salmonella in Cilantro, Coriander recall

My next problem was Cilantro. Now what the heck might that be. I had to check it up. Cilantro is actually the name of the plant that produces the Coriander seeds. I like using freshly crushed dried Coriander for Lamb Provencial, together with fresh rosemary, thyme and garlic in a red wine marinade. Does that mean I have to leave out the coriander seeds, or is just the green part of the plant infected? (which I have never used anyway)

Soring food prices. Contaminated Tomatoes

Well if it is any consolation, they aren’t sure it’s the tomatoes! It could be chillies, hot peppers, jalapenos or something else too. So don’t worry about buying those red solanaceous herbs or Paradise Apples as the Germans used to call tomatoes. The peppers you are putting into your salad could be just as contagious!