RCMP are still not offering much more information concerning the body that was found in a barrel in the Lee River near Lac du Bonnet on Wednesday morning. They say they are waiting for the results of an autopsy being performed by the Health Sciences Center in Winnipeg.

The already badly decomposed body had been found floating in a barrel in the Lee River on Wednesday. Two residents of Fisher’s Grove discovered the barrel and its grewsome contents while repairing a dock. The barrel had been floating in the river between the properties of the two discoverers. 

After prying open the barrel and discovering what one of them described as a person’s rear end wrapped in plastik, they called 911 to inform the RCMP. According to one of the Fisher’s Grove residents the smell emanating from the barrel and its contents was really bad, even at a distance of 50 feet! They assumed the body and barrel had been floating on the river for at least a week. That was why the body had already been so decomposed.

RCMP say their primary goal is to make a 100% correct identification of the remains. Currently they are not even admitting the body had been found in a barrel. 

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Avdhesh Kumbhar · July 25, 2008 at 12:55 pm

Ohh, thats sad news, Nobody took the body out?

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