After the perfect weather we’ve been having for the past few days, I guess everybody and their aunt Matilda decided to hit the beaches for August Long Weekend.

I took my brother’s bike out to the beach, wanting to check up on my cousin’s trailer. I also took a towel thinking I might go for a swim on a warm day like this.

The first thing I noticed was cars, parked everywhere. All down Park Rd and all around the Trailer Park.  I don’t think I have ever seen that many vehicles parked here.  Having a nice quite double lot in a dead end street, I hadn’t noticed how many people came out this week-end.

The next thing I noticed when I got to the beach was how little of it is left. Though, I had seen that the other times I had gone down there this year, it never ceases to  shock me.  Compared to last year there is about twenty feet of beach missing. The dunes beside the Lagoon Road are almost all gone too.  Still, I don’t think there have been as many revelers on this beach for a long time. As the beach is so narrow this year they had to spread out, almost all the way to the point.

Today must be one of those perfect days for lounging on the  sandy beaches. Still I didn’t go into the water. Of course it’s warm, the weather being what it has for the past few days, but with all those little kids in there, I am not sure if the water temperature is not due to some other causes too.

So I decided to go back and write about it instead. Not quite as healthy – healthy as from an exercise point of view -, but I haven’t done that in a good while either.


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