If you think you are paying a lot for gas, think again. The mayor of Churchill is asking for provincial government assistance to help the population deal with gas prices that are just under 2 Dollars a liter! This peak in gas prices has been afflicting the community since February.

Mayor Mike Spence would like the provincial government to subsidize the cost of fuel, as it is becoming more and more difficult for the 1000 residents to cope with the price increases in all other related goods. For example: The price for a 4 liter container of milk (approximately a gallon) has gone up to $8.35 by now! That is almost double the price for the same amount in Winnipeg.

Mayor Spence also asked Churchill Marine Tank Farm that supplies the gasoline to norther communities to lower their prices. They have yet to respond.

Churchill, which lies on the shores of Hudson Bay, is located at the far northern tip of Manitoba and is only accessible by train or plane.

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