My SEO is always complaining that certain Typo3 domains are extreemly slow. He would stop his whining even when I declared that the domains were hosted on older servers and these just don’t have the resources to run faster.

Finally I had enough and decided to have a look at these slow Typo3 domains. First of all I deleted all the files in the directory typo3temp and all its subdirectories. In some Typo3 versions the files there just keep accumulating and are never deleted. Then I noticed that we are using the extension ‘alias_pro’, but that this extension does not set indexes for the correct columns of the MySQL database. So I created the indexes. Mr. SEO still wasn’t content. – So I did some online research and found this page about PHP accelerators. The APC accelerator sounded good and the installation was supposed to be easy.

All I had to do was enter pecl install apc at the command line of our Debian Linux box and it should be done.
Well, of course it wasn’t that simple! First  of all pecl was missing. I used aptitude php-pear to install pecl and the first problem got solved.
Now the  installation process started, but just before the end it spit out an error: ‘Cannot allocate memory‘! The stupid thing ran out of memory. Well I said it was an old box and it really does not have much on board memory.

Well, back to my online research. I found that to avoid the above error you should first download the package with the command: pecl -v downlad APC. Then install it with the command  pear install APC-3.0.19.tgz. (That’s the name of the downloaded file).

It worked! All the Typo3 webpages on this server are faster and my SEO ist content. That was the goal.

Now he complains though, that I should have done that much earlier. Some people are just never content.


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