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A general rule in translation is that a translation should not sound like a translation, but as an original. This is especially important for Advertising, Marketing and PR translations.

It requires a lot of creativity; one has to consider the culture of the target language and the expectations of the people abroad. Compared to technical translations where in most cases the text has to be translated sentence by sentence. In a marketing text you have to consider what the source text has/wants to express and reflect the meaning properly in the foreign language. The difficulty is that the original text with its puns and typical marketing phrases has to be understood and interpreted correctly. Therefore, it is not only extremely important that the translator understands the language, but also the ‘language of advertising’, which is constantly changing and is all the time subject to trends, only a native local translator is able to follow these trends and provide an up to date translation.

The Native Translator has a lot of experience in translating Marketing / PR texts.
Be it an advertising Brochure, Slogans, Advertisements, Product Descriptions, Press Releases and of course Homepages and Internet-Promotion texts – there is nothing we have not yet translated in this field and into a number of languages.

In the tourism industry promoting a Resort or a Region it is very important that the translator can describe the individual advantages of the area or the Hotel correctly. What can the area offer of, Restaurants, Museums, Theatres, what other advantages do the area has? – Internet research is an essential part the of the translator’s work.

You can see on websites or in printed material (which is even worse!) more and more machine translations. Free translation software’s flood the Internet. We recommend use them ONLY to support your own translation in the private sector. As long as you are able to correct the translations what you get by a machine. Otherwise it is rather a joke, but your costumers will see it as lack of quality.
So I recommend rather being careful from the beginning and to rely a professional partner than having trouble and extra costs at the end. You rely on your favourite advertising agency to get the best promotional material, choose also a translation partner you can rely on

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Fredrick · October 17, 2010 at 5:43 am

I can recommend The Native Translator too. They are now the official translation service for GM

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