Is business along Lake Winnipeg and in Manitoby really worse than it ever was?
Many business owners are complaining that business has been becoming worse and that the last Summer was the worst yet. Even those that do not live out at the Lake full time are complaining that things have become almost dead. Many businesses are closing, making it necessary to drive long distances for services, groceries and other products.
It should be mentioned here though, that the blame for closing businesses can be placed at the doorstep of the locals. If people take their business to local places then these stores and restaurants can stay up and running. The alternative is that many businesses have to close and less and less services are available, due to lack of sales.
Also the so called Snow Birds create a part of the problem, by leaving in the off season for places like Mexico or the States – taking their money out of the region and supporting foreign regions.
Some of the locals drive down to the States almost once a week to buy products and goods there. Spending their money to support the American economy. You can’t really call that patriotism.
Money earned in this country should be spent here too – and re-invested into the local economy. Then we won’t have the phenomenon that more and more businesses and services are closed down. To be Canadian also means to take pride in the businesses of your own country and to spend your money locally, thus supporting the local economy. Then there won’t be a second economic crisis.