New Year in Hillside Beach

Paulette and I wish everyone a Happy New Year. Woke up this morning to a very cold day (-27C) with a strong north wind but hey its sunny and this is winter. Incedently , the Veranda gift shop is open and we are having a big sale today. I am Read more…

By ian, ago

Rogers vs MTS for mobile phones at the Lake

Well, Rogers mobile phone services is a lot cheaper than MTS and I liked the phone they were offering with their plan. It wasn't the iPhone of course, but it was a top of the line Nokia. What I also liked alot was the fact that the technology used enables me to switch the SIM card in the phone and use a different mobile phone provider when I am in Europe. They also told me that the Rogers phone services would work in Europe, but admitted that the roaming costs would kill me. One thing I just cannot understand though, is why in Canada we have to pay extra for every little thing that Europeans consider to be part of a standard mobile phone package - such as 'caller-id display', 'call forwarding', 'voice mail', etc. In Europe nobody would accept a mobile plan where you have to pay for incoming calls either.

By Fredrick, ago
Traverse Bay

Cleaning Garage Sale

I have "stuff" for sale that is in my garage! Skis and ski boots Women size 8 and Men size 10 (Down Hill) Spider Lamp (very cool) and other Lighting Frigidaire stove - Ceramic Top. Like new

By debbie, ago