If you think you can get a good deal on a used SUV now, then think again. You will still have to pay GST and PST on the listing price in the Sanford Evans Gold Book! The tax will be collected by MPI and they will use this book to determine a so called ‘fair market value’ of the vehicle you bought

As usual MPI is unphased by a confrontation with reality. As the good socialist monopoly organisation that it is, it goes by the book. Some call it the Red Book.

I just read about an example of a woman who bought an SUV in Alberta. She managed to get the sales rep to lower the asking price from 15000 to 13000 and thought she was only going to have to pay PST in Mantiboa for that amount. Well, she was mistaken. MPI calculated the price at 18000 and made her pay PST on the extra 5000 – even though she could prove she had not payed that much.

Mind you, if MPI were doing this as a form of carbon tax or for environmental reasons I could understand. But no, it is just because they are totally unflexible and have no need to change. Well why should they be flexible or change, it’s not like they have any competition to worry about, is it? 


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