I just heard the funniest story in a while.

The VB trash collectors found a letter in the garbage bin at Safie’s in Albert Beach. The letter was addressed to someone in Traverse Bay.

They immediately realised that a major crime had been commited. Garbage from Traverse Bay may not be disposed of in Victoria Beach bins! It has to be taken to the garbage dump directly by the Traverse Bay residents!

The officials in VB drafted a nasty letter to the perp informing him that another offense would be prosecuted and result in a hefty fine. He was also informed that the Victoria Beach Police and the LGD of Alexander had been informed of the crime.

It turns out that the little slip of paper was deposited there by a cottage renter who left the country the next day. The poor cottage owner that received the nasty letter from the VB officials didn’t know what hit him, obviously, as he hadn’t even been to Safie’s in years.

Seems a lot of trouble for one misplaced piece of paper to me. Does that meen next time I find some old useless slip of paper in my car, I should just through it out the window?


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