For almost a year now Saffie’s Store in Albert Beach (Saffies) has not been the same. The old building was torn down and a new one put up. The whole shop has a totally different look and feel. Inside and out!

For those of us that remember old Len Saffie‘s store we enjoy the fact that our former favorite store at the beach is once again becoming just that. The last few years the shop had been gradually deteriorating. I don’t know how often I went there and was told that what I was looking for was no longer in stock and wouldn’t be offered any more.

Now when you browse through the wide aisles in the bright well lit interior they not only seem to have most things, but their produce is fresh. Something that we haven’t been seeing in the other stores of the Eastern Beaches Area lately. The owner and staff are friendly and helpful. In French and English 🙂

The other welcome addition is the Internet Cafe! The new owners put a satellite dish on their roof and offer free Internet access on their premises. One corner of the store has a few tables where you can have a fresh coffee from the coffee machine, set up your laptop and surf the net – pick-up your emails – or do whatever else you do in cyber space. It’s the only Internet Cafe I know of in the Beaches Area north of Grand Beach.

Now I wonder, if the other stores are feeling the influence of the new quality. Maybe some proper competition was needed there anyway though. Too many businesses here have been living on Beach-Time. Come when you want and have your customer beg for service.


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