In my last post I told you that we were having fine weather and the bugs weren’t too bad yet along the Beaches of Lake Winnipeg. Well according to CBC that is about to change! Not necessarily the weather, but the bugs!

A new type of mosquito has supposedly decided to set up residence in Sunny Manitoba. It is called ‘Urotaenia saffrina‘ and can transmit the West Nile Virus to other mosquitos, but not to humans. Now isn’t that great! That makes the total count of mosquito species in Manitoba 49. I am sure you agree that we always wanted to be host to another breed of those blood suckers.

Now if that isn’t enough, CBC also reports that mosquito season is going to hit us with a vengeance soon. Conditions are supposedly perfect for breeding the little buggers right now. Maybe we should start thinking of ways to exploit this natural resource. Does anybody have any ideas?


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