Being self-empoyed I have to take my work to the Lake. Even when it is officially vacation time. Lots of my work requires me to access the Web, using all kinds of Web applications and VPN access to my customers. So, two years ago, I got sick and tired of the wait-times when using dial-up and had XPloreNet place a satalite dish on the roof. I also canceled my account with Granite in Pinawa.

XPlorenet Internet Services come in different flavours, or should I say speeds and prices. The basic speed at 59 Dollars plus Tax is better than dial-up by far, but not what one might call really fast. The prices go all the way up to 189 Dollars plus, giving you different up- and download speeds. When I intend to spend more time at the cottage I call up XPoreNet and ask them to up the speed (and of course the cost) to maximum. I am not sure whether that is smart, but I do it anyway.

Going to maximum speed and price means I am paying approximately 200 Dollars a month. The actual surfing speed is relative though, as it depends a lot on the weather and type of Internet service I am using. I do not have the impression though that it is four times the speed, even if the price is.

This August my contract with the Internet Service Provider will expire and I am looking to find something better, or at least an alternative. So if anybody has some good recommendations please tell me.



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