I know iPhones haven’t really been the hit out a the beach. And to be honest who really needs to surf the web when you could be surfin’ in the Lake.

Some people have begun to rely on these modern gadgets though. The mobility that Apple’s iPhone or our Canadian Blackberry provide, enable them to have the time to hang out at the beach. Due to the nearly worldwide accessablity these gadgets offer, you can spend more premium time away from the office.

Well not at our beach! MTS will probably never be offering the new iPhone, as it doesn’t have the technology for it. Rogers, well Rogers does offer the handy little mobile phone but for exorbitant prices. Prices like almost no other nation on the face of this earth has to pay. That may be as it is, but Rogers doesn’t even offer proper regular service in our area. You cannot get a local phone number and connection qualitiy is iffy.

So folks, if you really need a fancy new phone, get a Blackberry. They’re cheaper and their Canadian, eh!


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