Most people who look at the weather forecast for Winnipeg do not realise that the Weather for the Beaches along the eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg can be totally different. Even though the Beaches are only about 60 miles north of Winnipeg the weather can be very different from what it is in Winnipeg. That is due to the beginning of the Canadian Shield, the Borreal Forest and the sheltering effect of Lake Winnipeg and the Winnipeg River.

Unfortunately Environment Canada and other weather forecast organisations do not take this into account. There is no real forecast for the Eastern Beaches Area, as Environment Canada seems to deem the area too unimportant to bother with.

So if you want a more accurate forecast for the Beaches Area, try going to our Eastern Beaches Website. Then click on the weather icon. That will take you to a more accurate weather forecast for our area!

Don’t plan your trip to the Lake based on what Environment Canada tells you, or rather what it doesn’t! 


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