Thursday the hot weather ended with a bang! The temperatures came down from there 30 C and above and a storm system moved in. There was lots of severe rain and strong winds, accompanied by thunder and lightning.

My power kept failing here in Hillside Beach during the night. The lights would flicker and my UPS would start to beep. The UPS was great though, it kept the power up for the satalite Internet connection and my network. So I could continue working on my laptop. Well I could, untill the storm got so bad that the satalite connection itself failed. Still a big improvement over the last few years when each time the power flickered the satalite modem an my network router would start to recycle.

Still I guess I was better off than some others. Power outages happened all over the Beaches Area. Some people even were without power for several hours Saturday morning, as Manitoba Hydro worked on repairing the damage that fallen trees had created. I only had one tree come down that night and it didn”t hit anything. It just blocked the public walk way next to our property. Thats fine with me, it will keep the quads and trikes from racing through there for a few days.

For anybody trying to do computer work in our area I can only recommend getting a small UPS. Unfortunately the power supply is not always reliable here. UPSs are not that expensive and mine at least has payed for itself in time not lost waiting for the Net.

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John · August 24, 2008 at 1:08 am

I only wish we had had a UPS. Couldn’t get proper work done for hours!

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