Have you had anybody calling claiming to be from the Winnipeg Police and asking for money donations? I have. I got a call on my cell phone the other day. The person at the other end claimed to be from the Winnipeg Police and asked me whether I was willing to donate some money toward some kind of children’s foundation or other.

I answered that we supported the Children’s Wish Foundation together with the Victoria Beach Police. Immediately the phone went dead. I thought it that was odd, but attributed it to a bad cell phone connection. I figured they would call again if they really wanted something.

Now I read that at no time did, has or will the Winnipeg Police be calling people to ask for donations! The caller was a scam. It would appear that they ask you for a credit card number over the phone and then take off with your money.

So don’t hand out your credit card numbers over the phone to people you do not know! And don’t trust somebody, just because they say they are from the police. Ask for proof.

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