New Years Eve Dinner at the Beach
The Idle Tyhme Restaurant at the Beach (Traverse Bay Corner) has his New Years Dinner menu done. Check it out and dont’t forget your reservation!!!!!!!!!!

New Year’s Eve Dinner Menu:
Roasted Butternut squach with a touch of apple, garnished with fresh feta and fried leeks.

Appitizer Plate
Stuffed Mushrooms with cream cheese and chives
Thai Crab Cakes
Red Wine Cheese

Entrees (pick one of the following)
Traditional Prime Rib and Yorkshire Pudding served with Parisian white wine baby potatoes, prosciutto wrapped asparagus with fresh mozzerella, and roasted yellow peppers.
Chicken Wellington: chicken wrapped ia a delicate puff pastry with a mushroom paste and spinach, served with Parisian white wine potatoes, prosciutto wrapped asparagus with fresh mozzerella and roasted yellow peppers.
Pesto Crusted Salmon: Pan seared Salmon topped with fresh pesto, then roasted. Served with a velvet white cheesesauce. Accompanied by colorfull saffron rice, prosciutto wrapped asparagus with fresh motzzerella and roasted yellow peppers.

Lemon Cranberry Cheese Cake: A light and refreshing cheese cake, baked in our own kitchen, garnished with fresh fruit and a touch of chocolate.

Tea and coffe.
Price: $ 49.95 per person including taxes.

We are asking for you to call us at 756-6535 for your reservation and the entree of your choice before December 22nd.
See our Website: The Idle Thyme Restaurant, Traverse Bay Manitoba


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