Last year I pounded a new sandpoint in beside the old one. As I told you before, the old one had been in for over 30 years and I guess it just plugged up. The new sandpoint was a success, not instant, it took a lot of pounding, but I had water again.
This spring everything seemed to have reverted back to the old situation. After 15 seconds of showering the shower would turn into a drip and you had to remember to wash your hands before flushing the toilet.

At first I thought a part of the pipes might still be frozen, or there might still be frost at the bottom of the sandpoint. After all the frost went deep this year and took a long time getting out of the ground.

By August I had decided it couldn’t be frost anymore. No matter how bad the summer was, the frost was out of the ground. I went to Schneiders and got myself another 3 foot pipe to add to the exisiting pipes and proceeded to pound away again. A lot of hard work again. It took me about an hour to get 1 1/2 feet further down.
After that though, I had the water bubbling out of the top. That looked perfect! I hooked everything back up and lo and behold! The system pressured up immediately and I can now shower untill the hot water runs out again!

It only took a foot and a half to reach the new water table. Inspite of all the rain we have had this year the waterlevel below the clay layer is supposed to have dropped by two feet. That’s what the experts tell me. They even told me it had something to do with all the rain, but I didn’t understand that part. No matter, as long as it works!


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