I was so sure this time I would win the Super 7 jackpot of 50 Million. As I wrote earlier, I even started making plans on what to do with all that money.

Well now it turns out the guy who won the big one practically lives next door. I might even recognize him if I saw his picture.  The winner is a resident of Fort Alexander, just down  the road from us.

He wrote a comment on cbc.ca, saying he wasn’t going to claim the prize right away, but was going to give it some thought. He said wouldn’t fail to claim it within the year though.

Hey Slideshow, why don’t you just deposit the booty in my bank account while you’re thinking about it. I promise I will only take the interest!

Well whatever. I wish him all the luck and maybe we will meet in the Birchwood one day and he can buy a round. I would have.


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