The news that there has been a terrorist attack on the German Bakery in Koregaon Park in Pune India shocked me. It shocked me even more than the attack on Bombay two years ago. I never had a good relationship with Bombay, actually I always hated having to go there.

Pune on the other hand, and especially the German Bakery, are places that I have fond memories of. When I worked in Pune in the mid 90s the German Bakery was the meeting place for Indians and tourists from all over the world. It was the first place the driver dropped me off at, when I arrived in Pune. I met the crazy Australians there and many open minded Indians, some of whom came to visit me later. I met members of the Bhagwan Osho there that came by for a bite to eat, or to have little meetings. It was the place to go for breakfast in the morning, before you went to the office.

An attack like that on a place you know well drives the foulness of these attacks home.

We shouldn’t believe though, that to increase security even more and to undermine our personal freedom further will stop all such attacks. Ultimately it will only serve the purpose of the terrorists that abhor our free society which is what they are attacking and what they want to destroy. The only viable path is to increase the dialog with the extremists, but not give in to their goals.



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