I am currently in Germany. Here they have a hard time believing in Global Warming, as they have what they call a snow catastrophe. It is March and again there are about three inches of snow on the ground. We have had snow and below zero temperatures for close to three months now. On Friday there was a big pile-up on one of the Autobahns near Augsburg. There were 72 vehicles involved.

I drove down that stretch just a few hours earlier. Yes there was snow on the road and it was slippery, but don’t you expect that in the winter? Not here they don’t! The Autobahn is expected to be free of ice snow and any other obstruction so you can drive your vehicle to the fullest at up to 300 km/h.

Only the older generation remembers that snow and frost used to be normal for winter. For the past two to three decades winter here in Germany was when the rain got colder than in the summer. There were Februaries that were warmer than the following July.

I’ve been following the news form North America and especially Manitoba and hearing reports  from people that are there. Manitoba at least seems to be having a winter with  a lot less snow and higher temperatures than it used to.  I can almost believe that when I get there beginning of April the flowers will be out. (I do doubt that though).

Well, I guess it all is part of a global climate change. It is just that a change. Not necessarily warmer every where(like the US east coast) and not more sunshine in the summer. I do wonder what things will look like in a few years.

I actually like winter with snow. If I say that out loud here people look at me and say I’m a freak.


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