As usual one of the first things I do, when I get back to my place is to get the water running.
I just don’t feel right starting the day without a proper shower.

After priming the pump of my sand point I got pressure real fast. The new sand point I put in last year works real well!
Next I opened the valve for line to the house and went inside to check that all the taps were closed. While I was going inside there was something nagging me in the back of my mind. Something wasn’t right. When I got inside I knew what it was. The pump hadn’t restarted, even though it should have been pumping water into the system in the house. Of course there was now water coming from the taps inside either.

My new underground lines were still frozen!
I had put heat tape around them last year before I buried them, but the heat tape wasn’t heating! The little thermostats for the tapes are above ground, because they are attached to the end that has the power cord. (Who ever thought up that system?). The sun was shining on the thermostats and it was 21°C outside. So obviously they weren’t going to thaw my waterline.

My neighbor had been watching me and started laughing when I explained the problem. He had a good idea though. Go get some ice from the store and put it on top of the thermostats at the end of the heating tape. – What a strange thought. Use ice to de-ice the lines!

I got the ice, put it on the little plastic switches and went inside. Ten minutes later the pipes started bubbling and I could hear the hot water tank filling up.

Who would have thought that you need ice to get rid of ice.


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