Hi all, Ian here from the Veranda Gift Shop. A nice sunny day here with the morning temperature of -18 (which is nice). Just think, in two days the days start getting longer!

We are going to be opening a coffee shop here at the Veranda in the spring. We will be serving specialty coffees such as espresso, cappuccino, lattes, some gooies, and of course regular coffee. We plan on opening in late April…will keep everyone posted on this development.

I bought my sno-pass (for  the exorbitant price of $125.00) on November 30th and still the trails in Hillside have not been groomed. Now I realize that the ground may not be frozen yet, but considering last years lack of snow (and consequently lack of trail maintenance) I believe the cost of a sno-pass is highly overpriced! What good is it if 25% of the season the trails are useless!! I believe a more realistic price would be well under a $100 plus a discount if you are registering more than one machine. What do others think?

Well that’s it for today. Stay warm and have fun.


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