Hmmm…am I the only one blogging here (seems the last 3 posts were mine) or am I not using this thing properly?

Well its Dec 28 and the weather is nice (-12C when I checked the thermometer this morning @ 7:00). Today is starting off sunny. Went for a walk down to the boat launch (on Harry Craig road) and saw a big doe.

Went for a spin last night on my Polaris Indy. The sno pass trails were kind of rough but at least better than the ungroomed trails. I suppose with the Christmas holiday there is a lot of snowmobilers using the trails so its hard to keep up with the grooming. No…I am not going to belly ache about the cost of a sno pass today as I will give them (the people looking after the trails) a chance to improve them before New Years Eve.

Sales have been good at the Veranda (I suppose our low prices have some bearing on that). As well, Paulette has done quite a few gift baskets for the season. Incidently, Paulette will make gift baskets for all occasions…all you have to do is ask and tell her what you want in the basket.

Lots of things to do this January: Start working on the Veranda Cafe and working out all the details with the officials (…that should be fun); work on the new addition; do some ice fishing and of course some snowmobiling.

Well that all for now….How about some comments on the above? Adios


Fredrick · December 29, 2010 at 11:04 am

Hi Ian,

yes you are right, it seems that you are the only one posting right now.
I tried getting some of the other locals interested, but they all think it’s too complicated. They prefer snail-mail, real news papers and maybe a telephone.
Great that you at least keep us up to date on things! Keep it up.


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