Should you intend to spend your summer vacation at Lake Winnipeg and want to rent a cottage there, you might want to reserve well ahead of time this year. Start searching for a cottage you like early, as the amount of available rental cottages – especially lake front – are limited. We recommend you start looking now and rent as quickly as possible, before all the good places are gone. Especially along the Eastern Beaches of Lake there will only be a handfull of  houses for rent and they will be taken and rented out.

The situation in Victoria Beach is similar, so we recommend to rent a cabin in one of the adjacent beaches that are usually just as quiet, but have the advantage that you can drive your car up to your doorstep – which you cannot do in Victoria Beach.

The Eastern Beaches Area as a variety of different beautyful beaches. The beach we like best though is definitely Hillside Beach. With its fine sands and quiet expanse it is ideal for spending a relaxing and regenerating vacation. Whether you come alone or with your family the beach is just grand.

Wenn sie ein Ferienhaus nähe Hillside Beach suchen, dann sehen Sie Sich dieses hier an. Lake Winnipeg Cottage, Ein Ferienhaus an der Steilküste mit Seeblick, das sicherlich der geeignete Ort für Ihren Sommer Urlaub ist.

Should you be thinking of renting a cottage or cabin in the vicinity of Hillside Beach then take a look at this lakefront cottage: Lake Winnipeg Cottage. A cottage along the cliff line with a marvelous view of the lake. Surely the best place for your summer vacation.


cottagerenter · April 5, 2010 at 3:00 pm

Looking for a 4 bdr. cottage in the Beaches area. Needs to be clean,close to the beach for swimming. Anyone know of one? Preferably not in Restricted Area.

fredrick · April 9, 2010 at 11:34 am


check these listings:

Or try contacting: http://

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