Best Restaurant at Lake Winnipeg

Best Restaurant at Lake Winnipeg, at the Beach
If you would like to spend a relaxing day on the beach, then you should include an enjoyable dinner. The Idle Thyme is just the place for that.
The excellent cuisine at the Idle Thyme does not only offer a huge breakfast menu, but has also made itself a name for lunch and dinner specials.
Ideally situated at the corner of Hwys 59 & 11 (Traverse Bay Corner)

Restaurant at Lake Winnipeg – what kind of service do you expect, what type of food and what range of choices?

Restaurant at Lake Winnipeg – what kind of service do you expect, what type of food and what range of choices?

There are many people that have cottages along Lake Winnipeg. Lately it has been obvious that there has been a generation change which is actually still ongoing. Cottage owners tend to be younger families and younger owners. Obviously this younger generation has different expectations than their parents and grand parents.
That also includes eating out and just food in general.
This is why we are creating this poll

Thanksgiving Dinner at Lake Winnipeg

There are many ways to celebrate and express thanks at Thanksgiving. Even in difficult times, there are always things for which to be grateful.
Many Resaurants are closed, because of the bad economy. But on Traverse Bay Corner, the Idle Thyme Restaurant didn’t. It is still open. (Thanks Cheryl)
So you can go there for your Thanksgiving Dinner.

Salmonella in Cilantro, Coriander recall

My next problem was Cilantro. Now what the heck might that be. I had to check it up. Cilantro is actually the name of the plant that produces the Coriander seeds. I like using freshly crushed dried Coriander for Lamb Provencial, together with fresh rosemary, thyme and garlic in a red wine marinade. Does that mean I have to leave out the coriander seeds, or is just the green part of the plant infected? (which I have never used anyway)

Summer Winds Festival in Victoria Beach

One of the goals of the concert was to raise funds to repair the recent vandalism. Some of the profit was to go towards the upgrade of the baseball park and skateboard pad and the purchase of sport’s equipment.
It featured childrens activities food stands and a skate-board park. – and of course: Dr. Rage & The Uppercuts.

Soring food prices. Contaminated Tomatoes

Well if it is any consolation, they aren’t sure it’s the tomatoes! It could be chillies, hot peppers, jalapenos or something else too. So don’t worry about buying those red solanaceous herbs or Paradise Apples as the Germans used to call tomatoes. The peppers you are putting into your salad could be just as contagious!