Restaurant at Lake Winnipeg – what kind of service do you expect, what type of food and what range of choices?
There are many people that have cottages along Lake Winnipeg. Lately it has been obvious that there has been a generation change which is actually still ongoing. Cottage owners tend to be younger families and younger owners. Obviously this younger generation has different expectations than their parents and grand parents.
That also includes eating out and just food in general.
This is why we are creating this poll, to find out what a restaurant at the Lake should offer to make it attractive.
Should it serve fancy foods or more down to earth stuff? Plain fare? Of course every thing should be prepared fresh – that’s obvious.
Maybe you have other ideas on what should be served, something to make it worth travelling the distance for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Write a comment and let us know. Recommendations and tips to make the Eastern Beaches Area more attractive are always welcome! Though the resort has been around for quite a while, there is no reason why it shouldn’t cater to modern tastes and expectations. Customers that express their opinions and offer new ideas are always welcome!
Of course ideas that are supported by a large amount of comments will be realised and acted on.
These ideas will then be implemented  in the popular Idle Thyme Restaurant (At Traverse Bay Corner) bit by bit. The Idle Thyme keeps up with the times and tries to cater to the tastes of its customers.
Of course it can be expected that other restaurants will start to follow suite – so hopefully we will not be missing out on something out here.
Write a comment on what you think should be served now in the winter time, or what you hope to find on the menu when you arrive during the summer season. This will make your stay at the Lake more enjoyable for yourself and your friends.


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