Yesterday was a prime example for how different the weather can be in the Eastern Beaches Area, compared to Winnipeg. People coming up to the cottage for the long weekend arrived saying it had rained in torrents all the way to Scanterbury. After that it stopped! This is a phenomenon  I have expierienced quite often. The weather seems to be influenced very strongly by the Lake and by the fact that one begins to enter the Canadian Shield and the Aboreal Forest.

Though it can be sunny at the Beaches the weather forcast for Southern Manitoba will predict rain. I wish Environment Canada would discover the area from Patricia Beach to Victoria Beach. Not even Grand Beach gets mentioned in 99% of the weather forecasts! A good place to check the current weather is our Eastern Beaches Website. We have a link there that displays the current weather for the Beaches Area of Manitoba.

The owner of the Idle Thyme Restaurant just told me that lots of people actually call ahead to find out about the current weather conditions, as they just cannot trust Environment Canada to supply a correct report for the area.


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