Well labour day week-end is over. Everything has quited down. Most businesses are back to winter hours already.

The Idle Thyme Restaurant now closes at 2 pm on weekdays.
The Traverse Bay Store closes at 7 pm on weekdays
The Hillside Beach Store will stay open till 8pm and close its kitchen at 7:30 pm during the week.
Saffies in Albert Beach will stay open till 8 pm during the week.

Traverse Bay Corner store caught me by surprise yesterday. I got there at 7:15 pm and everything was already dark and locked up. Luckily Saffies stays open longer and I got what I needed. It is surprising that the less prominent stores at local beaches actually stay open longer than the supposedly big store at the corner. I guess there is no accounting for how peoplel do business.

Cheryl went back to winter hours on Tuesday for the Idle Thyme after most of last week had been pretty dead on afternoons and evenings during the week.


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