After 35 years our Pan Abode finally has some insulation!

Originally the roof consisted of 1½ Inch boards and cedar shingles. When the shingles had to be replaced, they were replaced with black tar shingles. Also all the trees surrounding the house were cut down over the past years, for various reasons.

The result was unbearable heat in the Summer and a huge heating bill in the winter.

Now I had a company from Niverville, Peak Exteriors, take off the old tar shingles and add an insulation layer. Steve and his team did a really good job there! They sent me a quote within two days (local contractors took more than two months) and made an offer that was more than half the price some local contractors were asking.

Steve added two layers of styrofoam and covered that with a layer of wood, covered the whole thing with cedar colour shingles and added new cedar face boards. The result was that the Pan Abode looks almost the same as it did before. It did not loose any of the look that makes these types of houses unique.

You could immediately feel the difference. Before, as soon as the sun shone, on  the roof the house would heat up, sometimes all the way to 50°C. Now the heating up doesn’t start till the sun shines into the windows. For them I will be getting shutters next.

I am almost looking forward to winter, so I can find out how much of a difference the new insulation makes.


Ryan · June 14, 2012 at 8:03 pm

I had the opposite experience with peak exteriors. They did a poor job on my eaves troughs while installing new seamless trough. Several off the troughs drained the wrong way, away from the downspout and they made two lengths of trough too short even after getting clear instructions. Unfortunately, I paid them before they fixed the problem as they had promised to return in spring to rectify the problem, I called and spoke to Steve a few times, he only said he didn’t know when he could come out and he was really busy, then refused to call back when messages were left.

I had to pay someone else to fix the problems. They were just in it for a quick buck and didn’t seem to care about workmanship or customer service.

Fredrick · June 15, 2012 at 12:59 am

Hi Ryan,
I’m really surprised to hear that. Steve did not come across as someone who would leave behind poor workmanship or refuse to fix a problem that was their fault.
All I can say is that after my experiences with other local companies I was really pleasantly surprised at how diligent and quick they were – at a reasonable price.

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