berry picking

Strawberry time is here! So is row rage!

There is even a new phenomenom called 'row rage' that has pickers protecting their rows against others trying to sneek-pick berries from rows other than the ones they were assigned to. So far there haven't been any real phyisikal fights, but apparently it got pretty close a few times.

By Fredrick, ago

Construction on South Beach Casino Hotel delayed

The South Beach Casino Hotel in Scanterbury Manitoba was supposed to be opening at the end of this summer. Delays caused by an ongoing investigation by the province’s workplace safety and health division this date may not be met. Construction has been closed down untill the end of the investigation.

By Fredrick, ago

Renting cottages in Victoria Beach Restricted Area

Many people look to rent cottages in the Restricted Area of Victoria Beach Manitoba. The restricted area of Victoria Beach is a closed off portion of the community that does not allow motor vehicle traffice during the summer months. This ensures quiet streets, free of motor vehicle traffic and has been in place since the early parts of the 20th century.

By Fredrick, ago