Thanksgiving Dinner at Lake Winnipeg

There are many ways to celebrate and express thanks at Thanksgiving. Even in difficult times, there are always things for which to be grateful.
Many Resaurants are closed, because of the bad economy. But on Traverse Bay Corner, the Idle Thyme Restaurant didn’t. It is still open. (Thanks Cheryl)
So you can go there for your Thanksgiving Dinner.

Marketing / PR Translation

A general rule in translation is that a translation should not sound like a translation, but as an original. This is especially important for Advertising, Marketing and PR translations.

It requires a lot of creativity; one has to consider the culture of the target language and the expectations of the people abroad. Compared to technical translations where in most cases the text has to be translated sentence by sentence. In a marketing text you have to consider what the source text has/wants to express and reflect the meaning properly in the foreign language. The difficulty is that the original text with

Abnormal Winter Weather everywhere

..below zero temperatures for close to three months now. On Friday there was a big pile-up on one of the Autobahns near Augsburg. There were 72 vehicles involved. Only the older generation remembers that snow and frost used to be normal for winter.
Manitoba at least seems to be having a winter with a lot less snow and higher temperatures than it used to.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner – fine dining at the lake

Breakfast, lunch, dinner – fine dining at the lake
Summer may be over, but even in Fall and Winter there are events and aktivities that make the Beaches along Lake Winnipeg worth a visit or a short relaxing holiday. Pleasant hiking in Automn, peaceful and quiet for those that want to escape the hubbub of the city. Spending quality time at the Lake in the offseason can be really worthwhile.
And what to do after a long day of hiking or quiet relaxation? Well we all go to the Idle Thyme Restaurant at Traverse Bay Corner. The restaurant is open 7 days a week

Summer events in Hillside Beach, Fun Day and Garage Sale

I was just contacted by Ms. Giesbrecht of the Hillside Beach Ratepayers Association.

She wanted to let me know that the Annual Fun Day at Charlie Wall Park will be taking place on July 5th this year.

The annual Garage Sale will be at Charlie Wall Park too and will take place on August 2nd. Individuals may rent a table from the Hillside Beach Ratepayers Ass. or bring their own. A fee will be charged.