Abnormal Winter Weather everywhere

..below zero temperatures for close to three months now. On Friday there was a big pile-up on one of the Autobahns near Augsburg. There were 72 vehicles involved. Only the older generation remembers that snow and frost used to be normal for winter.
Manitoba at least seems to be having a winter with a lot less snow and higher temperatures than it used to.

Typo3 slow – accelerate with APC

My SEO is always complaining that certain Typo3 domains are extreemly slow. First of all I deleted all the files in the directory typo3temp and all its subdirectories. Then I created indexes in MySQL. Still not good enough! The APC accelerator sounded good and the installation was supposed to be easy.

Summer events in Hillside Beach, Fun Day and Garage Sale

I was just contacted by Ms. Giesbrecht of the Hillside Beach Ratepayers Association.

She wanted to let me know that the Annual Fun Day at Charlie Wall Park will be taking place on July 5th this year.

The annual Garage Sale will be at Charlie Wall Park too and will take place on August 2nd. Individuals may rent a table from the Hillside Beach Ratepayers Ass. or bring their own. A fee will be charged.